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please choose the correct server and your character' spot (Red /blue /yellow city 1) before your payment.thanks in advance.

Tips: Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

Introduction is an online-shop exclusively selling metin2 yang as well as offering power-level service. Here you may buy cheap metin2 yang, enjoy fast and efficient power-level service and you may even find a lot of useful metin2 gaming experience from the News section. Manually is the keyword of Metin2 yang is gained manually in game, your character is trained manually by our professional players and the gaming experience that give you tips on how you level fast and how you build up your job is all provided by them. I am here owing great thanks to them. Of course, thank you all lol.

Frankly speaking, i myself have played metin2 for 2 years. I bought a lot of metin2 yang from other online shop before. Because I found it really hard to get rare items and upgrade weapons and armors. I devoted a lot of time and metin2 yangs into this suffering upgrade and finally got nothing, rofl!! While i got a lot of experience from the long-term experiment. It became much easier to upgrade items after i could buy metin2 yang. Metin2 yang is really very important in this game, i swear!

Personally, i love this game. I got on my +8 armor suit and +9 luna , and then i splashed one hit of sword spin. I looked back, lol, 5 opponents from other countries got knocked down, I howled with laughter, rofl!!


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Tips: Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

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